Established in 2006.
CARE Property Management was renamed in 2009 to Renaissance Property Management to reflect the then-growing rebirth, or resurgence of interest in real estate. After the real estate crash in 2007, homeowners watched their property values drop and too many people lost their homes through short sale, bankruptcy or foreclosure. By the summer of 2009, we felt there was a renewed sense of hope for the future as investors slowly re-entered the marketplace and started buying rental properties. Buoyed by this growing sense of optimism, we renamed CARE Property Management to Renaissance Property Management on 9/9/2009. For those of you interested in Chinese numerology, you already know that the number 9 is considered to be auspicious and is thought to bring good luck.

Our combined years of experience and extensive knowledge of the property management industry, give us the tools to ensure your investment sees its full potential. Primarily focusing on single and multifamily residential properties, we have been an active part of Tracy California for over nine years.

We invite you to join us in exploring opportunities to increase your wealth through long-term real estate investing.

Renaissance Property Management – where profitable investing starts with good management.