Real Estate Shutterbug — A Realtor’s Photo Journal

After working on my blog banner for almost a month, I am ready to write my first post.   I am really excited to begin!

The idea to write a blog that combines three of my life passions  — photography, writing and real estate — was inspired by Robin Deutschmann, one of my photography instructors, started a food blog (Freshly Photographed) where she utilizes her three loves — cooking, photography and writing — into something that looks to be a lot of fun.

As an amateur photographer, I have been known to stand around for hours in the freezing cold rain, snow, or the extreme heat of summertime in Death Valley, and even in the middle of a busy intersection in the small town where I live — all in pursuit of the “perfect light” for a photo — but with a silly smile on my face the entire time!

Throughout life, I have managed to persuade amazing-and-sometimes-unsuspecting friends to accompany me to questionable neighborhoods at night to capture nightscapes, abandoned bridges, ghost towns, and anything else that inspired me at the time.

As a real estate broker, I, like many others in my profession, have at times worked tirelessly for buyers who ultimately buy . . . with another agent they met . . . at an Open House . . . after I have shown them countless other homes.  And somehow I manage to smile through tears the next day when they tell me how happy they are to be in escrow . . . with someone else . . .

I continue to do these things because I love it.   I wouldn’t trade it for anything and I don’t think I will ever retire.

Part of the delays resulted from showing family and friends the creation progress and incorporating the wonderful ideas that kept presenting themselves.  At times, I wasn’t even certain how the pieces would fit together but I liked what I was seeing.

What started as a simple idea of a country ladybug lying on her stomach staring off into the distance with just her camera evolved into her writing in her journal.  One idea grew into another, and then another until it emerged organically into a whimsical daydream complete with butterflies , rainbows, daisies — and a beautiful storybook mansion.

I loved the idea of depicting a Mediterranean-style house in the background but friends cautioned that it would send the wrong message to people who might think that I only worked with luxury homes.

As I reluctantly contemplated using a more modest home, my older brother, Richie, once again came to my rescue when he suggested  putting a thought bubble around the house to show that the ladybug was daydreaming about the future.  He cemented her future when he added, “she may be small but she has big dreams.”

I hope you enjoy as much as I know I will enjoy writing it.

We may be small — but we have big dreams.